Full Moon in Pisces Spirit Messages

Sacred Rebels Oracle Deck - Alana Fairchild

Welcome to the Shanti Healers community! My intention is to share pure light and love from Spirit to you! As I am a spirit in this human body to help lift the vibration of the planet, I want to help you on your journey as well. Sometimes we just need a bit of support, push and motivation to give us the confidence to become best person we are meant to be. With guidance you will find out your purpose, heal your traumas, go through the numerous rebirths and to walk into your power. I will be sharing weekly messages from my guides to just give you guidance, encouragement and confirmation. In anticipation of the full moon, I was guided to meditate on the energy and what some lessons that are needed to be learned, to take full advantage of this powerful shift. I break down the meanings of the cards and significance of the crystals below.

Against the Grain - Why do you keep trying to fit in where you don't belong?

One of the most powerful things you can do to breakthrough barriers, is to be YOURSELF! You aren't meant to conform. You aren't meant to dim your light. Your uniqueness helps others. You bring a fresh perspective and energy into a space. Your energy shifts people's lives. You have no idea how much you impact people's lives for the better. So why do you want to be like everyone else? Did your family tell you, you are too much? Do you feel like a black sheep? GOOD! Spirit wants you to walk confidently in the talents and energy you bring, BE BOLD. BE SEEN. DON'T APOLOGIZE. How people feel around you is their own business. It's not on you to make others comfortable. The price you pay for the gift of individuality is that you must take care of it and guard it so that you aren't dimmed and conditioned into playing at being something you're not. If this has happened, this message confirms when you are in truth, you attract support, protection and energy that you need to thrive, Your power comes from aligning your outward self with your inner truth, not with the general consensus. You are a loving being and by simply being yourself, you constantly remind people that there is always another way. You are meant to be exactly as you are. The message is especially true for water signs, Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer. Use the full moon to release old thought patterns of not being true to yourself. Shift your mindset and be bold.

The Word Wants to be Written - Don't hold back on sharing your talents!

What you are dreaming of or seeking to do, create, live or manifest, is actually very natural for you. That is why you want to do it. If you've experienced controlling and manipulative forces growing up, you might find it hard to set those dreams in motion. You were taught to be in order to become who you really are, you may have found your life path not easily accessible. That is simply because you were conditioned you had to be someone other than you to win love or be acceptable. Drop your defense, get into the grit and confront the power that any old shaming has had over you. It's finished now! It's to acknowledge how gorgeous you are and get on with your work. Life is urging you to do so, because the work wants to happen. What you want to create, wants to be created. You just need to let go of any remnants of the past that have been in your way. Step firmly over them and onto your path. As you step into that power, a rebirth will occur! Use the emotions of water to sweep away the old you. Shed it and visualize it washing away. Take five deep breaths and let it all go.

New Birth, Guarded Vigilantly - It's time to get real vulnerable to shed all the past BS

As you are shedding past traumas, behaviors and thought patterns, you may breakdown. The breakdown is good for the soul. Release the pain and sorrow through your tears. The emotions that bubble up need to be released so you can be healed. Water is cleansing. Take time to pour into yourself with a bit of self-care. Vulnerability is natural and appropriate. As you prepare for this new life, you need to give attention and care. You are making way for new connections and opportunities. This could make you have a new way of looking at yourself or a new way of being in the world. You need to tend to all of these feelings until it becomes natural for you to embody. Keep your inner sanctuary pure. This may be your room, a sacred place you visit, or your own body, into which you retreat in relaxation or meditation. Sometimes you are holding energy in your sanctuary, like a past argument you can't let go or suffering you haven't acknowledge or released. It is time to focus on the pure light, love and compassion that lives in you. Everything else will come and go, but the purity in your sanctuary is eternal. Refresh your spirit and gain resources to help you deal with the rest of the world and even your darker moments in a new way. It will give you the peace and spaciousness of mind you need to recognize the new life and to denounce any intrusion upon that new life by doubt, fear or sabotage.

Here is a quick cleansing bath you can take during the full moon. You can do this anytime from September 13th-16th.

Salt Water Spiritual Bath - LET THAT ISH GO (DO THE WORK)

2 cups of dead sea salt (natural salt only)

A few drops of lavender and peppermint oil

Soak 20-30 minutes

Pray for the release of any energy that isn't to your highest good. Pray for light to fill you up and give you the courage to be who you are meant to be.

Optional (light candles)

Azurite Crystal (LEFT)

This crystal is linked to the third eye chakra (located between your brows). This is the BS meter detector crystal. Carry or wear this crystal to enhance your intuition and to speak your truth! Azurite tempers the mind, releases stress, worry, indecision, and thoughts that linger in the back of the consciousness. To restore balance and control over emotions and reactions, simply hold the crystal and ask to have those thoughts evaporate. It stimulates the third eye chakra in awakening the psychic and intuitive self, and in opening the mind to spiritual guidance. It provides insight into all areas of your life. It aligns the chakras and attunes the physical body to the ethereal, dissolving blockages throughout the system. The unimpaired flow of energy allows for increased communication throughout the throat chakra. When the third eye chakra is in balance your thoughts and internal communications within yourself are healthy and vibrant. You are open to new ideas, dreams, and visions. When the throat chakra is in balance and open, it allows for the expression of when you think and what you feel. You can communicate your ideas, beliefs, and emotions, bringing your personal truth out into the world!

Fluorite Crystal (RIGHT)

This crystal is linked to the third eye chakra ( located between your brows). The fluorite crystal also called the "genius stone" represents the highest state of mental achievement, boosting aptitude and discernment, the absorption of new information, and helping one work through complex issues. It's also the stone of protection, thought to become more protective the longer it's used, and is an ideal "dream crystal," defending one from evil spirits and bad dreams. It's ideal for overall cleansing and repair of the auric field, and for activating and energizing all chakras. Meditation with this crystal can help reveal the truth of a relationship.

Comment below on how you will release the old and welcome in the new during this full moon. Thanks for reading and share with others!

Love & Blessings,